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Affordable individual health insurance is likely for all of us who are in need of it. We must have to do a little homework to understand what is available, and ask ourselves what we need and what we can afford. After we have done the research, we can begin to fill out the applications and be on our way to have the health care coverage we need.

Active Lifestyle Products

Older, active Americans have become increasingly aware of the need to keep their minds active as they age. The key is to find the right balance of physical activity, diet and mental stimulation.

The first two can seem relatively easy compared to the third. Getting your heart pumping regularly contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle. A good diet filled with lots of fruits and veggies has been a good idea ever since mom reminded you to finish your broccoli. Keeping the brain active, however, takes a little more thought.

Younger generations take brain workouts for granted. From kindergarten to college, kids get quizzed and tested all the time. Learn this, memorize that, study this and solve that. Young parents also undergo a constant mental challenge from balancing work, home life and their kids’ hectic extracurricular schedules. Somewhere in there, though, people can fall into a routine. It may take some effort to break out of it and make sure your brain is getting put through a good workout regimen.

Crossword puzzles and sudoku always have been good alternatives for people who want their daily fix of mental stimulation. As the population ages, more and more companies are finding fun and creative ways to get people flexing their mental muscles. Nintendo, a company known for its video games, is now incorporating cognitive exercises in its latest offering.

A new experience called “Brain Ageā„¢: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!,” made for the portable Nintendo DS system, gives users a real mental workout, without the need to press a lot of complicated buttons common to some video games. It’s a treadmill for the mind that fits into the lifestyles of the new generation of older adults.

Baby boomers will likely have more active and dynamic retirement years than previous generations, says Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski, dean and executive director of Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California.

“Americans can do a great deal to maintain and even improve their mental abilities,” Zelinski says. “Aging is about taking on new challenges for our minds. Nintendo’s ‘Brain Age’ is a great way for people to keep challenging themselves. “

“Brain Age” includes activities such as performing simple math problems and quick counting. It sounds simple, but the goal is to complete these tasks as quickly as possible. All of the puzzles challenge users to think on their feet. The software is available at online and local retailers, including Target and Wal-Mart.

Health Aging

Over 75 million Americans comprise the baby boomer generation, and many have reached an age where health care is starting to become a major concern. Baby boomers are generally recognized as the generation born between 1946 and 1964, although many whoever were born a few years before or after associate themselves with the name. The baby boomers represent a post World War II population explosion and their inevitable aging has made the world statistically older than ever.

The oldest baby boomers are already in their sixties and the health care industry is beginning to feel the effect of their age. The onset of the baby boomer generation saw unprecedented growth for hospitals and clinics in the period between 1950 and 1965. It is now estimated that the current number of senior care facilities, which is far less than the number of existing hospitals and clinics, will be insufficient to handle the large number of aging baby boomers. Furthermore, baby boomers are more likely to seek medical care than the previous generation. Where there parents would commonly avoid going to view the doctor, baby boomers consider medical care paramount to their overall health and happiness.

The end result of this aging generation on the health care industry will be the creation of several new jobs out of necessity. The US Department of Labor estimates that the health care industry will experience growth that is well above average compared to all other industries over the next two decades. This may be attributed directly to the sheer numbers of this aging generation and their outlook on medical care. In fact, it is entirely possible that there may be a shortage of health care workers in the very near future.

Shortages in personnel commonly cause wages to rise, a scenario that seems a likely fate for many health care positions. Only time will tell if the supply of workers is able to meet the demands placed on the health care industry by the baby boomer generation.